Blake & Alyssa – Married | Forevermore Farm Home of the Original Barn & Stables – Moore, SC | South Carolina Wedding Photography

I met Blake & Alyssa in early Fall 2017.  Just our back and forth emails talking about their wedding made me giddy as I felt like we were a wonderful fit for each other.  We met up over coffee discussed all of the details of their big day.  This gorgeous venue, bridal party, their vision on how they wanted things to look and feel.  Blake & Alyssa just felt like long lost friends to me, even in that initial meeting.  We scheduled their engagement session that day and off we went on this wondrous journey.  You can view their fall engagement photos HERE.

Then we get to the wedding day.  It was a gorgeous, sunny (but dang was it hot!) May afternoon.  There was a slight breeze every now and then that I think we ALL enjoyed whenever it grazed through.  Forevermore Farms is a gorgeous venue with not one, but TWO options for your wedding.  They have the Barn and the Stables.  Blake & Alyssa chose the Stables.  Alyssa and her bridal party got ready in this little area outside of the stables, away from Blake’s vision.  His area was in the stables right off of the dance floor.  I arrived just as Alyssa was gathering things together for their reception.  Everyone was all dolled up with hair and makeup all ready, just needed to get dressed.  Everyone finishes up and we move onto the first look with Alyssa’s dad, and move onto the ceremony and the rest of the day is history.

So, finally to show off these gorgeous wedding images in the JMP blog.  I tried to keep it simple, but that was impossible.  This is a fair warning, this post is photo heavy, haha.  But without any time to waste, here are what I feel shows off the love and fun filled day celebrating the marriage of Blake & Alyssa 🙂

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OH!  Before I forget!  This was a total surprise to almost everyone at the wedding (I’m not sure if anyone else besides the three of us knew about it), but Alyssa and her dad planned a shake up to your usual father-daughter dance.  They started it off with Journey’s “Lights” and somewhere in the middle you hear this scratch and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” starts playing.  Y’ALL they coordinated this dance together and it was perfect!  So glad that I was there to capture this greatness.


These people were having the time of their lives and to be honest, I felt like getting out there myself, haha!  When I left, they were still partying it up!  I’m so thankful that Blake & Alyssa chose me to document this wonderful time in their lives and I get to share it again and again!  I wish you both the absolute best in your lives and marriage together 🙂


Jenn 2018

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