Nina – Bridals | Taylors Mill – Taylors, SC | South Carolina Wedding Photographer

This was my first time working with Nina.  We wanted to badly to do hers and Hershell’s engagement photos, but he’s in the military and wasn’t going to be in the states at the time that we would need him to be.  But it’s okay, it made the wedding day so much better and it didn’t take me long to get to know him 🙂  You can view their gorgeous wedding day photos and blog HERE.

Nina and I were on the same page with what she wanted.  She originally wanted to shoot at Furman University because it has a lot to offer in terms of areas to shoot at and it’s just a gorgeous campus.  But Nina spoke to me about wanting something with a rustic and vintage feel and I found Taylors Mill.  Now, I’ve seen photos taken here, but have never inquired about shooting there until I saw that you could request a time frame and that there are big open spaces to shoot in.  It was perfect!

I think we shot in June, so OBVIOUSLY we battled the heat and humidity.  South Carolina and it’s LOVELY humidity, lol.  Even so, Nina and her wonderful mama worked it out for two full hours and I’m so glad that we did.  This is probably one of my absolute favorite bridal sessions to date and I’m SO SO SO happy to be sharing these, FINALLY.  I’m gonna just stop talking and let y’all just look at these, Nina is such a natural beauty!


Thank you Nina for having me photograph your bridal portraits and your wedding!  You are such a true gem and it was a pleasure working with you 🙂



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