Josh & Jenny – Married | Calvary Baptist Church – Simpsonville, SC | South Carolina Wedding Photographer

Meeting Josh & Jenny was a whirlwind because of their distance apart.  Josh was in Michigan working and trying to find a job in the Greenville area, so I only meeting Jenny at first.  I was initially contacted by Josh because, as Jenny told me, he likes planning things out, so she just let him do it, lol.  Which was a great change for me.  I like speaking with both the bride and groom in the planning process, and there’s been times when I won’t meet the groom until the day of the wedding.  But they were both part of every process every step of the way.  It was just refreshing.  Also?  Josh & Jenny are just the kindest and sweet couple anywayyy, so they made me feel like I had the easiest job in the world.   I also photographed their engagement photos, you can see those HERE.

I arrived at their gorgeous venue, which was Calvary Baptist Church in Simpsonville.  I don’t typically enjoy photographing in churches due to the lighting, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were lots of windows in the front foyer and plenty of lighting showcasing them during the ceremony.  It was a lovely day.

Josh & Jenny opted for a first look, which I always recommend, for that extra intimate moment together before the big moment.  But theirs was just as wonderful as any other.  I try not to intrude on their moment, so I keep a little bit of distance away if I can.

Without going on forever and ever, here are some favorites from Josh & Jenny’s wedding 🙂

2017-12-13_0004 2017-12-13_00052017-06-23_00052017-12-13_00012017-12-13_00022017-12-13_00032017-06-23_00062017-06-23_00072017-06-23_00082017-06-23_00102017-06-23_00032017-06-23_00022017-06-23_00012017-06-22_00012017-06-25_00012017-06-25_00022017-06-25_00032017-06-25_00042017-06-25_00052017-06-25_00062017-06-25_0007

I want to thank you, Josh & Jenny, for asking me to be a part of your wedding.  It was truly a pleasure meeting and working with you and also meeting your wonderful families!  I wish you both the absolute best in your lives together and marriage 🙂



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