Prom 2017 | Milliken Park – Spartanburg, SC | South Carolina Wedding Photographer

I don’t photograph prom sessions very often.  Again, like I’ve said in the past, it’s mostly because I don’t get many requests for them.  But I do enjoy it!  It’s just like a wedding, it’s a one time (or twice if you go both, your Junior and Senior year) thing that you get to experience, so why not photograph it!  And I’m a girl, so I’m a sucker for some beautiful people in gorgeous dresses and tuxes, haha.

Julie came to me saying that she wanted me to photograph her daughter and her date before their prom back in April, as well as her friend and her date.  It was so much fun!  We got to photograph them at the beautiful Milliken Park in Spartanburg (we planned on Downtown Spartanburg OR Greer City Park, but there were events happening at both places that day), and everything was perfect!

Here are some of my favorites from their prom session 🙂

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Wedding & Portrait Photography - Prom2017-07-23_00012017-07-23_00022017-07-23_00032017-07-23_00122017-07-23_00042017-07-23_00052017-07-23_00102017-07-23_00062017-07-23_00072017-07-23_00112017-07-23_0009

I hope you kids had a wonderful time at your prom and wish you the best in your studies!  Thank you for having me photograph these photos for you! 🙂


Jenn 2017 black

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