Ricco & Magnolia – Engaged | Falls Park – Birds Fly South Ale Project – Greenville, SC | South Carolina Wedding Photographer

Magnolia emailed me last December and wanted me to meet with her and Ricco for coffee at a local tea bar in Downtown Greenville, O-CHA Tea Bar.  When I first met them, it was so easy to talk to them.  They knew exactly what they wanted, and knew precisely what to ask me.  They told me their wedding date and venue (with I’m in love with and can’t WAIT to shoot there in September!) and I think they could tell that I would be in heaven, haha.  We got to talking a lot more and they told me more about their story together and buddy, let me tell you, if they can make it through long distance, ANYBODY can.  Ricco is from Washington and Magnolia is from Syracuse, New York and they made it being THAT FAR apart for years.  I truly admire their love for one another and I seriously can’t wait to watch them get married in September!

Ricco also works in engineering, so he was very interested in having their engagements done in downtown Greenville because he loves all of the structures and all of the older buildings.  Which I totally agree, Greenville is chock FULL of beautiful buildings and areas. We didn’t get to explore as much as I wanted, but everything was amazing that day!  We started in Downtown Greenville in Falls Park, they even trekked into the Falls, haha!  After that, they said they saw a local brewery that they thought would be awesome to get photos in, so I was TOTALLY in.  We headed over to Birds Fly South Ale Project and it was this secluded, but very chill (and busy!) brewery.  It was really nice and it seems they have food trucks by all of the time!  You can check them out HERE.

Too many favorites from their engagements, but I’ll show some restraint and show you as little/many as possible 🙂

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Wedding & Portrait Photographer - EngagementsJennMarie Photography - South Carolina Wedding & Portrait Photographer - EngagementsJennMarie Photography - South Carolina Wedding & Portrait Photographer - Engagements2017-07-21_00012017-07-21_00022017-07-21_00092017-07-21_00102017-07-21_00112017-07-21_00122017-07-21_00032017-07-21_00132017-07-21_00042017-07-21_00052017-07-21_00142017-07-21_00152017-07-21_00162017-07-21_0017

Thank you Ricco & Magnolia for choosing me to document this wonderful time in your lives!  I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in September!  Ricco & Magnolia are to be married on September 15th, 2017.


Jenn 2017 black

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