Lillian – Summer Mini | Milliken Park – Spartanburg, SC

I didn’t do very many Summer mini sessions, but this little lady was on my list last August.  Her momma, Nikki, was wanting to get some of just Lillian as she didn’t really have that many of just her because she’s usually more cooperative when more people are in pictures, haha.  This day wasn’t much different, but we did our best to keep her happy and occupied and I feel like we done pretty good!  (Not so) Imaginary ducks and promises of snacks (because what parent hasn’t pulled this trick to get their kids to take pictures, haha) is what done the trick and these pictures were the result!  Also, Lillian’s last outfit was handmade and was entirely too cute!  I just HAD to showcase that beauty.


Hopefully next that I get to work with little miss Lillian that her family will be joining her!  Thank you Nikki for allowing me to capture her perfect little personality and beauty 🙂


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