A Little Surprise…

I know I haven’t been as active on the blog or on the JMP Facebook page much here lately and believe me, I have reasons.  January & Febraury are my slow months because of the weather, right after Christmas, not as many bookings during this time of year.  So, I’m looking to book things more this coming month and through the summer to make up for the fact that I won’t be available during the Fall.  Why?  Well…let me explain.

Ya see……..well, I don’t really need to explain.  I can just show you.


YES!  I am pregnant!  I am due at the beginning of October and my family is so very excited.  😀

This also explains why I have been so absent on the JMP Facebook page.  The struggle has been real with this morning (or all day, at times) sickness, lol.

So, what does that mean for JMP?  Well, that means, unfortunately, no fall shoots.  I will most likely stop any/all bookings around mid-end of August, depending on how the pregnancy goes.  If I feel like I am able to continue shooting past that mark, I’ll announce it.  BUT!  For now, I am going to booking everything from now until mid August.  I may start back up in mid-late November, but like I I said, it all depends on how the pregnancy goes and how well I recover.

SO, with that being said, any/all shoots will be done this spring and summer.   And speaking of this Spring, I have planned my next trip to Kentucky!  If you are indeed interested, please contact me regarding booking as my spots are extremely limited due to the booking of a wedding and my personal time with family.

I want to thank those of you who already know about the pregnancy, and have congratulated and said such kind words to David, Hailey, and I.  We are so excited to be adding another member to our family and cannot wait for this next chapter in our lives to begin 🙂


new 'jenn' aug 2014

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