Haley – Senior 2015 | Downtown Spartanburg, SC

I met Haley through mutual family/friends. She is my sister-in-law’s boyfriend’s sister, lol. My sister in law came up to me last year and said that she wanted to have Haley’s senior pictures done during the summer. Well Haley lives in Georgia, so they didn’t come until the Fall to visit. And I’m glad. We got an overcast day and I work best with overcast. Especially when it comes to seniors and their single shots alone.

Haley is extremely easy to work with and was totally up for my shenanigans especially considering I had no idea where we were going or what kind of style she was looking for in these photos. But we just winged and had a great time. My sister-in-law actually helped out and held my reflector (even though there was no sun) to give us SOME kind of light that day.

Seniors are a little out of my comfort zone as I’m more use to at least two people being shot together. It was a challenge, but I DO love me a good challenge. Keeps me focused and just keeps my creativity in check when I lack it most 🙂

Here are some of my favorites from our shoot back in October! (Again, I’m lacking in the blogging department, lol)


I knew that whenever we were driving down the street that I wanted to utilize this GORGEOUS wall.  I loved the white with the classic red brick color.  It was just lovely.  Here recently (Okay, maybe a month or two ago…), my  husband and I went down this same street and I discovered someone had painted OVER it.  And this guy was actually still painting on the wall as we drove by.  I was so sad to see it gone, BUT what they have painted over it, does look pretty snazzy.  I’ll have to go and take another shot here very soon 🙂







This one is EASILY one of my favorite shots.  With the color of the holly berries and the subtlety of the expression on her face.  I just…love it. SONY DSC

We shot up until it was nearly dark.  This last shot was the VERY last one and it’s a miracle that I shoot RAW because if not, this would’ve not been salvaged, lol.

I had such a great time on this shoot with Haley and I hope to do more Senior sessions in the future.  She is absolutely beautiful and I feel that these photos really showcase it well 🙂

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