Most Loved JMP Photos To Date

We all have those moments in our photography career where we see a photo from the backs of our camera and go, “YES.  This is the one”.  Or that moment may not happen until after you start to cull through all of the images taken for that day.  Either way, it happens…and buddy, it’s magical.  I’ve had my fair share of these throughout the years and felt the need to share them with you and the story behind them.  Please keep in mind, there are some of these that are…OLD, like from a few years ago old.  It’s not my style anymore or my preference, but I STILL love those photos.  Read below to find out why 🙂 And these are in no particular order, just whatever order they were uploaded in, lol.

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Lifestyle Photography - Best LovedNathan & Krista were my first shoot of 2014!  They were so enthusiastic and such a joy to work with.  And on top of all things, were awesome enough to work with me on this crazy awesome shot that I absolutely love so much.  The sun was shining at one TEENY little spot, but if I got it right, it would result in a beautiful shot.  It took me about five minutes of moving myself and readjusting them, but we got three amazing shots from that tiny spot of sunlight and I don’t regret one second of it.  This is one of my MANY favorites from their session and just a fave, in general.  You can view their session HERE.

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Lifestyle Photography - Best LovedThese two shots (above and below) are from the same session (if you couldn’t already tell, lol), but it’s because I love them both so much.  Glenn & April are such an amazing couple and April is such a great friend of mine!  We have worked with each other on numerous occasions.  From weddings and styled shoots, plus personal things, like my daughter having her hair cut for the first time (and by April, no less, lol) have been fantastic.  Both of these photos have so much color, April’s gorgeous blue eyes, and Glenn’s undying love for his beautiful wife.  They need to get themselves back up here to SC so I can see them…and their precious baby boy 😛  You can view their blog post HERE.

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Lifestyle Photography - Best Loved JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Lifestyle Photography - Best LovedAnnie found me on Thumbtack.  If you don’t know what that is, I’ll link it HERE.  I was actually requested by Annie to send my info and a quote regarding her small, intimate elopement back in the fall of 2013.  With her request there were other photographers sending their information and asking questions about her big day.  I was extremely excited to find out that Annie & Jordan picked me to photograph their wedding day.  I loved the fact that they both loved my work and were willing to travel from NC so I (YES, ME) could be their photographer.  HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!   Now, all of their photos, I loved, but these series of shots were special to me just because of the lighting and the thrill of rushing to get it before the sun went away.  It had been cloudy all day, but then we looked across the street and saw this super warm and gorgeous light beaming on the street, so we just took off.  It totally paid off because this is one of the many photos from the collection that I keep coming back to as a favorite.  You can view their downtown Spartanburg elopement HERE.

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Lifestyle Photography - Best LovedI’ve recently blogged about these two awesome people with their beautiful baby boy, so if you want to see that, you can do so HERE.  Before I photographed their lovely little family, I took some photos of just Matt & Ashley.  This was in December of 2013 and at the time she was around 5 or 6 months pregnant.  But out of all of the photos from the session, which you can see HERE, I love this one the most.  It’s so simple, but you can clearly tell just how much they love each other.  Something about the closeness and the light coming from behind them.  I just love it…and them, haha.

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Lifestyle Photography - Best Loved

DeAnna.  Done her bridals and her wedding and I loved every single second of it all.  But this photo from her bridals has always stuck with me.  The area, her absolutely gorgeous eyes, and just how laid back she is in this photo, just pulls me in.  This girl absolutely rocked her bridals and I’m so blessed to have been chosen to document everything for her and her hubby John 🙂  You can view her bridals HERE….and their wedding HERE.

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Lifestyle Photography - Best Loved

This was from the VERY FIRST styled shoot I had ever done.  I paired up with my girl, April and her team at Classy Styles (at the time, she has moved to Florida since then) for this wonderful bridal shoot on Glassy Mountain near Pickens, SC.  April, the bride, was so amazing to model for us AND we didn’t have to wait long to publish the photos because her wedding was the very next week!  It was an experience all in itself, but this photo was one that I loved very  much.  It was also one of the very last, right before we left the mountain.  We never got to the Glassy Mountain Chapel (which we fully intended on using, but that’s another story, lol), but we made use of what was around us 🙂  You can view the rest of the photos from the bridal shoot HERE.

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Lifestyle Photography - Best Loved

Cody & Cassidy’s wedding was one for the books.  It was small, outdoors and was PERFECT for my style.  They had burlap and shotgun shell boutonnieres.  It was awesome, haha.  This photo though, has to be my favorite ever.  Cassidy was probably around 6 or 7 months pregnant here (correct me if I’m wrong) and her little baby belly just filled my heart with joy after I took this photo.  I immediately knew it was going to be a favorite and it definitely has been.  You can view Cody & Cassidy’s wedding blog post HERE.JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Lifestyle Photography - Best Loved

This styled shoot.  I can’t even….GAH.  It was the first one that I wanted to do for myself and I knew immediately that once Chris & Jessica volunteered, that it was the perfect fit.   I had envisioned this vintage picnic styled shoot and by George, if they didn’t absolutely ROCK IT!  This photo tells me everything that I worked so hard for, paid off.  From the way that Chris & Jess were dressed down to the old radio sitting behind them or the old books we used.  EVERYTHING was perfect.  And I can’t wait to show off the most recent styled shoot from this past Sunday. Y’all are gonna DIE from it being so dang gorgeous 😛

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Lifestyle Photography - Best Loved

Devon & Wendy are just…adorable.  I offered to do their photos for the longest time and I’m guessing Wendy finally gave in on me, haha.  But this one is one of my favorites of them.  I’m pretty sure this was from Dec. 2012 and my shooting and editing style have definitely changed since then, but I think with Wendy’s red hair and just how freaking CUTE they are…I’ll let it slide by 😛  You can view their shoot HERE.

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Lifestyle Photography - Best Loved

Last, but surely not least, one of the oldest…EVER, lol.  This is Michael and Brandy, I couple that I worked with back in early 2011 and when my style was just…too much, lol.  This shot was taken immediately after a “serious face” shot, that Brandy wanted.  As you can tell, the seriousness didn’t last very long, haha.  This may be an oldie, but it’ll always be a goodie to me 🙂  You can view their gallery HERE.

These are not all of the ones that I’m in love with, because I’m most certainly not done with this amazing journey!  Shoot, I’m sure if I would’ve waited a couple of weeks, I’d have a few more to add to this list.  These are just ones that I can’t let go of, no matter how hard I try.  If you’ve looked at the other galleries and blog posts, what were your favorites?

Have a great week everyone 🙂


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