Being in Front of the Camera – Our Family Portraits 2014

If you know me, you know that I tend to stay behind the lens and capture amazing moments for other families, couples, etc.  It’s a rare occasion that I step aside and let someone else do the same for me.  Actually, it’s so rare that it’s never really been done, lol.  Until last month….

That’s right.  We had NO family pictures what-so-ever.  The only ones that we have are mostly of my daughter, Hailey, my hubby, David, or of Hailey & David together.  And if I’m being adventurous, I hand the camera over to David and let him snap a few of me and Hailey.  It’s super rare and I usually get gasps when it happens, lol.  But none of all three of us.  That had to change this year…it just simply had to.  I am so tired of hearing the “Why aren’t you in any of your own pictures?”, “Why don’t we have any of you and David?”, and “Why are there so many of just Hailey?”.  Trust me, it’s not by choice.  Getting your own family pictures done may seem like a simple task, but it’s really not.  Having the funds to do it, choosing a photographer that you trust and love, getting outfits, planning dates and times, etc……ETC.  The list really does go on and on.  I’m pretty darn picky when it comes to who gets to take our pictures simply because I want the emotion and I want someone who will be able to capture me and my little family in the best form it can be.  Every photographer in my area that I love, is a wedding photographer and doesn’t do family portraits….trust me…I tried it, lol.  And then I turned to my home town and found Kimberly Craft.

Not only did I really love her work, but I felt like all of her photos were just genuine and not all posy and fake, like most people.  Also, she’s a cool cat who cooks awesome looking burgers (I haven’t tried one yet…but I will next time I come to KY! LOL).  And I can’t turn down a good burger…I just can’t, lol.

Anyway, I decided to share with all of you my family portraits that Kim done with us when I was in KY last month.  We shot at the top of a mountain at sunset and it was the most gorgeous place ever for our photos.  It was a little chilly and kind of windy, so you know…of course I ended up wearing a knee length dress with no sleeves, ha!  My poor Hailey was freezing, but Kimberly’s step-daughter came with her and came to the rescue and was cuddling with her when she wasn’t getting her pictures taken.  Talk about the sweetest thing ever!  Her and Hailey were BFF’s for the evening 😛

These are just some of my favorites.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Like I said, these are just my favorites from the whole session.  But Kim did such an amazing job with our photos and she was just wonderful to work with.  I’m pretty sure Hailey grabbed her hand immediately after we got out of the car and just took off walking like they had known each other for the longest time, haha.

I will have all of Kim’s information down below and if you want to find her Facebook, website/blog, it will all be there 🙂

If you are reading this Kim, we thank you so very much.  It was such an amazing experience getting in front of the camera and being with my family instead of being the one taking THEIR pictures.

Kimberly Craft Photography



Have a great week everybody!


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