In Order To Move Forward….You Gotta Take Two Steps Back

I’ve been working on this blog post for about a month now because I’ve wanted, more than anything, to express how I feel, and putting it out there in words has been…tough to say the least.

In 2013 (& for about half of 2012), I decided to make the jump to specialize in Wedding Photography.  I realized early in 2012 that I really loved working weddings and I loved the spontaneity of it all.  So I wanted to do more.  I only had a handful of weddings in my portfolio when I decided to make the switch, so I started offering discounted weddings to get my portfolio going and it started to work!  I booked six weddings for 2013 in about six months time.  Now, for me, that was a lot because I hadn’t done a lot of weddings before and it got me really pumped about the rest of the year.  But these past couple of months, I’ve looked back at my portfolio of 2013 and decided to choose my favorite photos of the year.  VERY few of them were wedding photos and that puzzled me and got me wondering….why?

I’ve been so busy this year with weddings (even though it was ONLY six) that I forgot why I started photography in the first place and what I loved about it.  I’ve been stressed (because weddings are stressful for everyone who takes part in one, lol) and it’s been feeling more like a “job” than something I just really love doing.  And that’s not the way I want this to go, not even a little bit.  I started doing this as a hobby when my daughter was a baby in 2010 (as most of us do, lol) and I immediately wanted to know more.  I was one of those people that I was going through each and every single setting on my camera with my manual and taking notes on what looked and worked the best.  Yes…I took notes, don’t judge, lol.  I done my first shoot with one of my best friends and her husband and had notes to carry along with me the whole day.  And even though it was one of my best friends, I was so dang nervous.  For my first shoot, I thought it ended up great!  And my friend loved them.  I won’t post them up individually on here because they are now divorced, but here’s a link if you’d like to see (HERE).

And I started getting requests for photos from there and I started getting so excited because so many people were telling me how good I was and I’m like, “Well…..okay!” lol.  And I done so much research and quickly realized that I wasn’t getting better because my equipment was holding me back.  I eventually bought my first prime lens  and flash in 2011 (what a great day that was, lololol).  The next year I bought another camera body and two more lenses as well as another external flash.  And I bought all of that because I felt it would benefit me more during weddings.  And then in April 2012….I ended up moving to SC due to personal reasons.  And that brings us to today;  December 2013.  And after almost 4 years of doing so much and realizing what I love and what I don’t, I came to a decision.

So….this decision for me has been kind of hard because I do have to change a lot with the way that I have been doing things for the past year and a half, but I think it will be for the best.  I’ve decided that I’m not going to do weddings as my specialty or even much at all for the time being.  I feel like I’m more in my element when I have more control over the session like with an engagement or just a regular couples’ shoot.  I am going to be taking on more styled shoots and accept families once again, as I use to when I first started, so I hope this good news for some of you!  This does not mean that I will no longer be taking weddings for 2014, but I will not be taking very many more than what I already have booked (which is four).  If I take a wedding, it will be because of personal taste and that I feel I would be perfect for the bride&groom’s vision for their big day.

This  may not seem like such a big announcement for some, but for me, it’s pretty big.  I’ve been trying to put my name out here as a wedding & engagement photographer and now, it all has to change.  It’s going to be a lot of work to change so much, but I know it would be for the best.

My website will be changing as well as my portfolio and prices.  I’m hoping to get everything fixed within the next few months and start building up a clientele for what I’m wanting to do in 2014.  If you’re already interested, I’d love to hear ideas and hopefully work you with you in the future!

More importantly, I want to thank any and all of you who have supported me since the very beginning (or just recently, lol).  I love all of my clients, old and new, and I appreciate everything that you all have done for me and this business.  I wouldn’t be anywhere I am today with all of you;  Friends, family, the good Lord above, clients….everyone.  I thank you and appreciate you.

Also, I want to take this moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas, just in case I don’t get the opportunity to do so before Christmas itself, haha.

facebook timeline cover christmas hailey 2013
My daughter and I had a quick (more like two hours) Christmas shoot last week and this ended up being my timeline image 😛


Until next time…


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