The Ohe Family

I’ve been pretty slow with my blogging here lately, so this is gonna be my “Catch-up Week”!

The Ohe Family.  I have worked with them before, not the whole fam, but with these lovely little twins.  It was back in March of 2012 when I done a small Easter shoot of these adorable little babies.  They were just starting to walk and were just so dang cute and chubby that I could have pinched their little cheeks off.  Not saying that they aren’t now, because seriously, these kids are SUPER adorable.

Brandi had been trying to book another session with me for family portraits ever since we done their Easter session and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME…..we would have issues.  Most of the time it was weather, and there might have been a time or two where family just came first…..of course 🙂   We FINALLY got back together in July (2013) and what a relief it was to finally see these babies again.  Although…now, they aren’t such little babies anymore.  These twins had grown up SO much in a year that I couldn’t believe it.  And even though we were working with a little bit of a grumpy pants, we found ways to make John & Emma smile 🙂  If you’re a family/portrait photographer, you know how photographing kids are.  Most of them never want to pose, sit, or just in general, take a photo.  I learned that really fast when photographing kids you can’t “make” them do anything.  Kids will be ….well….KIDS.  So, letting them run wild and chasing them with two cameras and a 70-200mm attached (whilst carrying a massive camera bag), will capture them as they are and will be more natural. And I ended up doing, just that with John & Emma.

JennMarie Photography - Families


JennMarie Photography - Families JennMarie Photography - Families

JennMarie Photography - Families JennMarie Photography - Families

JennMarie Photography - Families

JennMarie Photography - Families

JennMarie Photography - FamiliesJennMarie Photography - Families

Letting them run wild and free as kids do really brought out their true personalities.  After running all over the place and chasing them a little bit on some stairs, I got some true smiles and awesomely cute expressions from these babies.  Although, we didn’t get but maybe a few shots of the family as a whole, what I did get was subtle, but perfect.  I may not FULLY understand a life with twins (even though I DO have brothers who are twins), I’m sure it’s completely different having them as a mother.   Brandi & Johnathan are super awesome parents to John & Emma.  These kids are definitely blessed to have them as their mommy & daddy 🙂

Until next time…..OH!  By the way….I ended up doing a little construction to the website over the weekend and I’ve changed my signature handwritten “jenn”.  Please let me know if you like the changes to the website and how everything looks! 🙂

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