Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

There are lots of reasons.  Probably some that you’ll never think about when it comes to your wedding photographs.  You probably think that most of your guests will have cameras, and some very high end.  Where I am certain that some of them would get beautiful photographs, it’s not the same.  If you want to leave it up to a family member or a friend to get your wedding photographs, then so be it.  But why?  Budget?  Don’t believe in the hype of a professional wedding photographer?  So, let’s just figure up that since a friend or family member has a nice camera, they’ll give you good photographs.  I mean, you have SO much to tackle with planning a wedding, worrying about the photos should be the LAST thing on your mind.

Hence, why I say, you should book a professional.

With my clients, I assure them the entire process booking with me will be easy and fun.  I try to see that any possible thing that I could help with, I do it.  Even if it’s the tiniest thing, I offer my services.  A professional will make you feel that even with everything going on around you, you feel at ease knowing that that one thing is taken care of and that they are there for you if you need them.


I’m not here to tell you to hire me to photograph your wedding, but if you like what you see, by all means, you can contact me HERE 😛  It’s simply just some advice that I would give a true friend if they were asking me.  Like I said before, there are TONS of reasons why you should hire a professional, but here are some just at the top of my head.

“Uncle Bob” isn’t prepared –  Now, I’m sure you all have heard about “Uncle Bob”.  The family member who has a “nice camera” and it takes  nice “pics”.  Yeah, mmhhmm…okay.  So..does Uncle Bob know what to do if the lighting is too dark?  Is he going to rely on the auto function on his “nice” camera and hope it comes out right?  Yeah, probably.  Professionals ARE prepared.  They know how to deal with low light situations, what equipment to carry and when.  They are more aware of their surroundings and know to check out the venue and reception area beforehand to have an idea of what they are working with.  I tend to take practice shots at different settings to see which works best and where, especially during the ceremony of a wedding.  You can leave it to Uncle Bob to do your pictures, but the outcome will not be the same or of professional quality.

Skill – Every professional perfects their skill.  With one little thing, it can help in a BIG way and could possibly impact the way that person shoots your wedding or engagement.  I know I’ve had  my share of revolutions right before a wedding and they have been lifesavers!  A professional knows how to work their equipment in the right ways in many conditions to get the absolute best product for you on your wedding day.  Going back to Uncle Bob not being prepared, most of his shots would be “safe” shots, ones that would be expected.  But a skilled photographer knows many different ways to get what you’d expect….and MORE.

Working under pressure – I’m sure you’ve thought of it all.  Ya know, the worst that could happen?  Bad weather (i.e.: Rain, lightning, etc), maybe you expected 100 guests and 200 showed up (I’ve had that happen, lol).  Professional photographers already know what to do if things like these happen, mostly because they have already had to deal with it before or have done extensive research.  Regardless of what happens your photographer will do the best to keep that drama out of the way and assure that everything will go a-okay.  You will also have those beautiful photographs to prove it 🙂

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Wedding Photography - Weddings

Quality – You can tell the difference between a professional photograph and some random snap shot that has been taken by a point and shoot (or even a DSLR).  A pro can capture images through a completely different eye than non-professionals.  Colors are brighter, subjects are in focus, high resolution  photos so you can have larger prints, canvases, etc. hanging on your pretty walls.  Little details that you don’t pay as much attention to, get highlighted in the simplest of ways.  Uncle Bob can’t create the same photographs that a professional can, just sayin’.

Dedication – A photographer has many jobs, whether you think so or not.  On top of photographing your big day, most pros try to make sure NOTHING gets in the way of it being perfect.  Sometimes I feel like I’m a part time wedding coordinator, lol.  As a wedding photographer, professionals take note on what is most important to you on your wedding day.  Such things including:  Family issues, who to avoid pairing up together in group photographs, where to be at every single moment of the day, make sure your dress doesn’t get dirty, that the groom doesn’t freak out too much before the wedding (which is some cases, he will, lol), and even more.  As a photographer, I make sure that your big day goes JUST as planned and if things do go wrong, that you do not know about it and that it doesn’t show through your photographs.

Lasting memories – You can buy the biggest and best cake or rent out the most beautiful venue and reception area, but can you take those things with you?  Absolutely not.  Photographs last forever.  Yes….FOREVER.  Will Uncle Bob have captured those special moments where you were having your dress laced up by your mom, maid of honor, or one of your bridesmaids?  Probably not.  Any small details of the rings (NOT on your fingers), and other little details like decor, wedding invites, the guest book, etc.  Probably not.  Memories start to fade as the years go by, but you can always go back to those photographs and smile on every little thing that you thought was disastrous and every little moment that made you laugh and cry.  Please, do not compromise when it comes to your wedding photographs.  Not only will you have the photographs, but the experience with a professional photographer makes it even better because they LOVE  what they do and want to make you both happy.  At least I think so anyway 🙂

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Wedding & Portrait Photography - Weddings

Among other reasons as to why you should hire a pro, those are the ones that I tend to stick with the best.

So….still think Uncle Bob will be taking your wedding photos?


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