Growth & Living in the Moment


It means many different things to me.

How far I’ve come since I’ve started, since last year, since last MONTH.

What I’ve learned in a short period of time and how I’ve put what I’ve learned toward my work.

Experience.  It’s a part of your growth as a photographer, and as a person.   You see things in a new eye and say to yourself, “What the hell was I thinking before?”.  You grasp at the idea of doing something new and hoping that you can do as well as you visualize it.  Sometimes it’s a success, other times…failure.  But you grow from that failure and put it towards something that WILL BE successful.

That’s how I’ve felt over the past year, honestly;  A failure.  Moving to a whole new area of people that I don’t know, where they don’t my name, it’s difficult and unsettling.  Not doing any work, nothing to put towards my profession and unable to say, I’ve worked X weddings in a year or I’ve booked X engagements or sessions in the last six months.  But I’m growing…

And with this growing, I am realizing that sitting here telling you my struggles and how I haven’t done anything, doesn’t solve any problems.  That struggle right now is only something to push me farther and MAKE me work harder.  So looking back, I have realized, “Hey, look at that.  I’ve made progress over three years”.  And GREAT progress at that.  I have looked at my earliest work and said, “How could I let myself be this bad?”  But I didn’t know any better.  I didn’t have anyone telling me, well you need to adjust your shutter speed because that’s too bright.  Or  fix that aperture, where in the world is the bokeh?!  I didn’t have that.  And I’m happy to sit with friends and help them along their journey, so maybe they can look back and say that they can thank me for being there for them to help them along the way.

And speaking of looking back, here is the progress that I have made with couples, brides, grooms and weddings, over the past three years.  I am proud of my work and I will OWN IT because that’s how I roll.
JennMarie Photography - Wedding Photography - Spartanburg, SC -  Couples Before and After

JennMarie Photography - Wedding Photography - Spartanburg, SC - Groom Before and Afterbride before and afterJennMarie Photography - Wedding Photography - Spartanburg, SC - Wedding Before and After

I am happy to say that I am in the process of booking more weddings and engagements as we speak IN SC right now.  I am currently setting up a styled shoot and I am welcome to suggestions and openings for models for the shoot.  I am so proud of myself and how far I have come and I can’t wait to see what the rest of my career looks like.

Until next time…

2013 handwritten jenn copy

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