Stuff&Things: Happy Friday

I have been feeling nostalgic over things that I use to love;  Foods, drinks……..and maybe some toys, lol.

There are just some things that I’m down right upset about being discontinued.  C’MON….who didn’t love Crispy M&M’s?!

Anyway, being as random as always, here’s my random list of nostalgia that I’ll (mostly) NEVER see again 😦


Tamagotchi – If you didn’t have one, you weren’t cool.  And if you didn’t have 15 of them like I did, then you definitely weren’t.

Coca Vanilla

Coke Vanilla – Now I don’t know if this is actually discontinued, but I haven’t seen in sold anywhere in a very long time. This was SO good…why have you gone Coke Vanilla?tumblr_lraogihVfd1qkfq9yo1_400

Coke BlakNow I know a LOT of people didn’t care for the lovely flavors of Coke Blak, but I remember LOVING it.  My aunt bought a pack of it while I was at her house to visit one summer and I remember drinking almost the whole four pack in one or two days, LOL.  Some people just can’t handle that awesome taste that is COFFEE.tumblr_lwboh6VdQE1r8vktho1_1280

Crispy M&M’s ONCE AGAIN……..WHO DID NOT LOVE CRISPY M&M’S?????????!!!!!!!!! WHY?  JUST WHY?tumblr_lwbpwkticT1r8vktho1_1280

Doritos 3D’sWho else only ate these just to see how many you could fit in your mouth?  Anybody? ANYONE????

French Toast CrunchThis was literally the best cereal on the face of the earth.  Why oh WHY have you disappeared?!


Butterfinger BB’s – I love anything Butterfinger related (especially those WONDERFUL Butterfinger Snakerz, OHMYGAWD), and these were no exception. 


Uh-Oh!  Oreos – Seriously?  Nothing can compare.


Skip It – and c’mon if you can’t look at this without singing that dang catchy song, then you don’t belong on this blog post, lol.

I suppose I could throw in something photography related into this, let’s see….


Tomorrow (April 6th) is the absolutely lovely, Jasmine Star‘s birthday!  Her super awesome hubby, JD, posted THIS great blog post without her knowing earlier today.  He is quite possibly the sweetest ever.  *HINT, HINT OH DEAR HUSBAND OF MINE*

Also, if you didn’t already know…..I love this woman.  She’s is AHHH-MAZING.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and had a great Easter weekend as well.  Also!  If you  haven’t checked out my new series titled, “The Troublesome Client”, you should check it out and let me know what you think and if I should even be considered a series.  I know photographers, like myself, have so much trouble with clients and it’s always refreshing to hear some tips on how to handle it 🙂

Until next time….

2013 handwritten jenn copy

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