The Mini Super Man: Kyle

I’ve blogged about Kyle before; an older blog, but none-the-less, he’s made an appearance.  Before, on the JMP Blog, he was long awaiting to have a new heart.  Kyle had been having so many heart issues, pretty much since he was born and I honestly don’t know how Sara, Kyle’s mom, handled it all.  Last year, Kyle had to be hospitalized at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee until they had a new heart for him.  From my perspective, it seemed like they were never gonna get that baby a new heart until December 2012…..HE GOT ONE.

You will not believe how excited I was to hear this wonderful news.  It literally brought tears to my eyes knowing that this baby was gonna have a second chance for a great life with a brand new heart.  The photo below is from March 2012 when I was in London, KY to photograph the benefit pageant for Kyle.


And below, is just a couple of weeks ago.  Kyle is happy and healthy as ever.


I am so happy to see Kyle so healthy and doing so great.


kyle blog 4

Only cool kids wear bow ties.  And Kyle is one cool cat. 

kyle blog 2

This kid is exponentially cooler than you and I, for real.

kyle blog 1

It was definitely a good workout and great time working with Kyle and his wonderful momma again.  OH, that reminds me….


How GORGEOUS is Sara right now?!  She is definitely about to pop (at 8 months), but still looks amazing.  And that wind definitely worked to our advantage 🙂

I hope you all have had a great week and continue to have a great one as well.

Until next time…


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