Baby Trenton – First Christmas

First off, this little man is SUCH a doll!  But I’m sure you’ll see that here in a minute whenever you scroll down the page.  If you all remember a prom session that I done in 2012 (which was my first and only one, as well!), it was with a wonderful young girl named Shelli.  You can find some shots from her session here.  Not related to this post, you say?  Just wait, I’m getting there, haha.

Shelli was awesome to work with.  She knew how to work it like nobody’s business and was gorgeous as ever in her dress that day.  I definitely can’t wait to work with her this year as well 😀   I got a message on Facebook from her a few months back telling me that she wanted some pictures taken of her sister’s baby once he was born.  SUPER excited because it’s not very often that I get to do a newborn shoot, plus I was kinda pumped to meet the little man.

He was born on time, weighed perfectly and he is such a sweet little baby.  I also look forward to doing a session with him in May or June 🙂

For it being almost Christmas, it was kinda chilly outside, so Shelli picked to have the session done inside of the church that she attends.  They agreed to let it happen and it was great.  He was a little grumpy from being a tad hungry, but we got the shots we needed within 30 minutes.  I can’t wait to see him again, as well as Shelli and the mommy!

Here are some shots from the day…

shelli blog 2 shelli blog 3 shelli blog 4 shelli blog 1

Also, I’m getting ready to launch the V-day giveaway/contest…not sure on which to call it yet, so I guess you’ll figure it out when I announce it, haha!  So be prepared!  It will be held here on my blog, so if you’re use to the Facebook giveaways, please note that I will not be having those anymore unless they are short and spontaneous.

Have a great weekend everyone!

handwritten 'jenn'

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